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Famitsu reviews Luminous Arc 3 - THE EVER GARDEN [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Famitsu reviews Luminous Arc 3 [Dec. 4th, 2009|10:37 am]
the imageepoch livejournal community


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This week's Famitsu has reviewed Luminous Arc 3.

Triangle Plaza has photo evidence:

The story, the balance, the amount of content, the pacing... all got praised. That's really a surprisingly positive review.

The reviewers give LA3 four 8s, adding up to 32, which means LA3 qualifies as a Gold title, by Famitsu's standard. That's much better than previous LA games.

(Famitsu's award system ("Dendo", hall of fame) works like this:
30-31: Silver
32-34: Gold
35-40: Platinum)

For reference, Famitsu scores for other Imageepoch games:

Luminous Arc 28
Luminous Arc 2 Will 28
Sands of Destruction 31
Arc Rise Fantasia 32
7th Dragon 33

Photo for this issue's preview:


Another scan, by RPGamer:


-Characters: Miria, the Angel of Hours. Kirika, the Principal with a wanderlust.
-There are weapons with different elements, and should be chosen according to the situation. (LA3 allows changing equipments before battle IIRC)
-The librarian sells secret info of characters, which can help with the intermissions.
-Glen gives important hints before each battle.
-A side quest example: Guardians of Rose.

If you haven't payed attention to the "pre-release info center" post, it has been updated with a lot of content recently. Take a look.

Also, the official LA3 site may keep getting updates some time after the game release, don't forget to check it every week.

(Have you checked out the site's gallery section?